Saturday, 28 January 2012

Vintage european grain sacks...........

I have quite a few old grain sacks and manglecloths that I have collected but I can never decide what to do with them.
I looked them out a few days ago and had a look on the internet to get some ideas for things to make....people have done some really beautiful things with them......I have lots of inspiration !!

Lots of gorgeous cushions...........I think the more varying stripes you have the better.

I think using them to upholster chairs and sofas is a marvellous idea....although it might be a bit ambitious for me!

I was thinking about making simple big pillows from the sacks and using them as beds for my dogs; Molly and Isla. That way I could just unzip them when they get dirty and wash them.......... I will put on some photos if I have any time to do any sewing this week.


  1. I love old grain sacks and have collected some beauties over the years with fab initials.
    Like you I would love to upholster a chair, but I know it would be out of my skill league too.
    Julie x

  2. I too love old grain sacks but upholstering a chair would be way out of my league. Even a cushion might be too! Love the photos of your cats and dogs!

  3. Hayley, I'm honored that I remind you of your Mum! Thank you very much indeed! I love your blog - I'm so glad you dropped by because now I've discovered your beautiful blog. I'm off to read more.

    I love Scotland. I've only been to Edinburgh and Glasgow (many years ago) but I would jump at the chance to visit your beautiful country again.



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