Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Adventures of Molly and Isla

Molly and Isla have been complaining that for a blog named for their muddy paws, they havnt featured very much ..... so here are some photos of them from our walk at Glen Dye on Saturday. One of the things I love most about where we live, is that we are only a few miles from rugged unspoiled wilderness ; its the perfect place for nice long walk even it it was freezing!

Its a good 4 mile hike along a rough path cut into the hillside to a little stone Bothy where we had a picnic lunch.
We kept the girls on leads on the way there (also a big help when going up hill!) because there were a lot of sheep roaming about but on the way back we let them run free and they were so well behaved and didnt seem all that interested in the sheep.

They have been doing a fanastic job looking after me during the week since November. Euan has been away training for his new job... as a Firefighter (shriek!) and only comes home at the weekends. He is away till March and they are the greatest company I could ask for.

They are also the best of friends. Isla is a bit like an annoying little sister though; she follows Molly everywhere and copies everything she does! Its funny to watch.

After a good bath and blow dry they collapsed................

..................for at least 10 mins!............


  1. Lovely photos of your gorgeous girls! Love the photo of the horned sheep too!

  2. They are so sweet! What a glorious part of the country you live in. Love, love the sheep!


  3. Awww your blog is just lovely and your goldens even more! Goldens always have a sweet spot in my heart ♥ Love the kitties too!

  4. Aawww! So sweet. I have a golden named "Bella." Your countryside is just beautiful. XoXo


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