Friday, 6 January 2012

Country Style Living Rooms

This morning I have been thinking about country style living rooms.......
I change our little one around a lot (Sorry Euan.) I would love a big living room one day, with big squishy sofas that I could pile so high with pretty cushions there would be no space for anyone to sit on them. I would also love an invisible TV that only comes on when you watch it (lets face it they are ugly and just dont 'go')
Maybe one day we will one day have a living room that looks one of these........

****Note the lack of muddy pws in all those pictures****

And here is a picture of our living room ( its never usually that tidy but I dont think anyone wants to see a picture of a pile of newspapers, a chewed sock and some dirty mugs)

Writing a blog reminds me of making scrapbooks when I was a little girl.........I would cut out pictures from Mums magazines and stick them in with my favourite birthday cards, postcards and photographs......This is just like that.xx

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