Friday, 4 April 2014

For Maggie......

We had to say goodbye to our little cat Maggie on friday morning so in the tradition I have seen many times amongst my blogging friends, I am going to post a tribute to our very special little cat who will be dearly missed.

We adopted Maggie just 3 years ago from the SSPCA after seeing her scraggy little face on their website. She was old and had been waiting for a home for a long time. I couldn’t stop thinking about her so like idiots we drove over 100 miles to Inverness to get her. She hissed when we went into her compartment but we later realised that we had startled her because she couldn’t really see.
She was tiny, literally half the size of our cat Buzz but really overweight. I used to joke that she looked like she had been riding a really fat pony- she had real barrel legs. But a diet and the chance to get outside soon fixed that.
She quickly because best friends with our two dogs and was sleeping in their beds with them or on top of them within a few weeks. Molly and Isla have always looked out for her and been unwaveringly tolerant ….she was always clambering right over their heads as they lay asleep in the floor.
 They have been very quiet, especially Isla, over the past few days and this morning both kept going
over and sniffing her empty basket and looking at me.

Maggie loved to snuggle and was very affectionate- you couldn’t sit down in the living room without her climbing up your leg to get to your lap.
Being blind, we have had so many comedy moments from her ….. the time she tried to jump onto our bed and jumped up about two feet away from where the bed actually was………….  and she ran daily into doors, furniture and the dogs, darting around fearlessly!! There are still cushions on the floor all over the house in front of things she was always running into.
But she was very happy, never happier than when there was a fire lit and she was snuggled with her friends.

I found Maggie just as I was leaving for work, in her spot by the fire but clearly having suffered a stroke during the night. She purred when I went over to her but she couldn’t move at all. I carried her through to the bedroom with me to wake up Euan and we both agreed that Maggies time had come. 
The vet wasn’t able to come to the house until lunchtime and that gave us a  few hours to spend time with her and say goodbye. I am so thankful for that time.
We have buried her in the garden and I have planted some snowdrops over the spot. They are out in our garden just now so we will remember her when they come up each year at this time.


We will miss you wee one xx