Sunday, 8 January 2012

Armoires filled with lovely things........

Is it wierd to lust after a piece of furniture???
I have a growing collection of beautiful vintage quilts (which I will take some photos of when I can figure out how to best use my fancy camera) and no proper place to put them.
At the moment they are just in piles all over the house and some are even packed away because there is no space........ I long for a beautiful armoire to display them in. But in my small cottage, there isnt really enough space.
Here are some gorgeous pictures of armoires I found, displaying quilts and other lovely things, just the way I would have them.

They dont have to be just for quilts though, I wouldnt mind one in a dining room filled with crockery.....or drinks and glasses like these ones.....

One day, when I get a bigger armoire will be mine.xx

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