Friday, 28 February 2014

We have a kitchen in our kitchen.......

After complaints from my family (who all live a long way away) and who check in with my blog to see photos of our renovations progress .....I thought I had better put up some more pictures of the kitchen.
I was avoiding posting about it again until we were all finished but that is still a few weeks away.........its taking a bit longer than we hoped.
As you can see, its very much still a work in progress.......Euan is building the kitchen units from scratch again and he still has to finish and hang the doors and make the drawers.

The oak arched beam I bought from a reclamation yard about a week after we moved in in 2012.....I bought it knowing it was destined to go over the Redfyre one day so its been under the bed since then waiting for us to get round to the kitchen! The design is very like the kitchen we built in our last house....handmade painted wooden units with oak worktops....its just a lot bigger!

Buzz sunning himself in the window behind the new sink!

Remember the drawer unit from my last post?
Half the drawers are untidily open in this picture but its been painted to match the new kitchen, new handles added and a top built. Again, thats not finished yet- its needs a top cornice and glazed doors!

We are going to build a big central island thsi time instead of a table, hence the wires sticking out of the floor under the table.

But we do have a working sink and a dishwasher so we are feeling a bit spoilt after going all winter washing up in the disgusting utility room as it has a sink but it has no proper internal walls or flooring!!

Its going to be lovely......just a few more weeks/months but we have come along way since...

 Its feeling very spring-like, even this far north.......Cant wait to get stuck into the garden again- I have so many ideas!!! xxx