Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Jeanne D'Arc Living and Isla

I have recently discovered Jeanne d'Arc living, a Danish lifestyle magazine which is full of beautiful inspiration. All the pictures are of delightfully shabby rooms things. I think its another style thats lovely to look at but probably really tricky to maintain.......I mean, you get one bright coloured cushion or you leave a mug out that doesnt 'go' and the whole thing is thrown....nobody wants to live under that type of pressure do they?!!!
But beautiful pictures to have in a book on your coffee table.I love the antique dressmakers dummies, the angel wings and the lovely old shoes....I like having old treasures out on display.

All photos by Jeanne d'Arc Living.

In other news, wee Isla was spayed last week and had to wear the traditional plastic lampshade collar.....making her and my life suitably awkward. Poor girl, she looked so uncomfortable in it, she hardly moved her head at all, it was like she was looking up all the time. It was so huge, it reminded me of the Jetsons spaceship....

After a day of her bashing into everything, including me, and knocking over her water a hundred times, I decided to try and make her a 'comfy collar'. I cut a large ring out of some upholstery foam and pulled one leg of a pair of tights(hose) over it to keep it neat and to allow me to secure it with a knot.

It works quite well, she cant get at her stitches and she is much happier. She is such a sweet girl, she jumps up beside me on the sofa and puts her head and front paws in my lap asking for a cuddle when she is a bit sore. We have always called her Isla Bear because we think she has a Polar Bears face.

With Euan still away, I cant leave her home alone to take Molly out for a walk so we can only go for short ones with Isla on the lead so poor Molly is getting rather short changed on her walks this week...........she bears it tolerably well!!! xxx


  1. Poor Isla! I always find it a bit strange how cats react to each other if one has a collar - they shun the one with the collar! It's as if they think it might be contagious. Our dog Charlie when he had to have a collar just charged around everywhere hoping that if he barged hard enough into something it would fall off - mainly he barged into my legs which I wasn't too pleased about! Love the Danish look but agree with you looks impossible to maintain!

  2. Poor Isla, she looks sooo sad!
    You could market that new "comfy collar"...a little tweaking perhaps...wool plaid or Cabbages and Roses fabric instead of tights?.. much better than the horrible Vet's plastic lampshade.
    Love the Jeanne D'Arc Living look too....so relaxing on the eye, but I do like an injection of colour too.
    Julie x
    PS I painted the cabinet!

  3. You were so smart to make the collar! What a great idea. Yes, I agree you should put your patent on it and market them yourself. Who needs to wear those awful things from the vet the poor baby.

    Yes Goldens are true Angels !

    Love those photo's from the magzine! Truly right up my alley!

  4. Love the photos! Truly amazing. And your puppies are waaayyyy too cute...XoXo

  5. Poor Isla...she doesn't look very pleased with her situation. We've had to deal with those big plastic collars a bunch of times around here so I know how awful that is. Your comfy solution is such a great idea :)


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