Saturday, 16 June 2012

Best Buddies......

Maggie is our little old cat, she was 12 when we adopted her, we named her after Dame Maggie Smith-another distinguished old girl. In the 18 months we have had her, her eyesight has gotten lots worse. She is almost totally blind now and keeps bumping into things, its really sad. She is however, one of the happiest cats you could ever meet and I think thats down to having two very dear friends-Molly and Isla who love her and look after her.xx


  1. What a sweet photo! Maggie looks very contented with her doggy pal! Only two of our five cats would get that close to a dog! The other three scarper as soon as they see them, which of course, gives the dogs the excuse they were after to chase them and so the vicious cycle goes on - cats being chased by dogs! The other two have learnt just to sit still and swipe the dogs on the nose - one swipe and its the dogs that run off!

  2. While we have more dogs than I'll ever have cats, cats were always my first love. I admire you for opening your heart to Maggie at a time when she needed someone and giving her a wonderful and perfect home!

    Enjoy your Saturday!!

    PS: THANKS for stopping by my blog and for being my newest follower!! :-)

  3. awww so very sweet and wonderful you gave the sweet kitty a wonderful home. Love your armoire too! nothing says it has to be white! i have a beautiful antique pine hutch, that i could never paint, at least I don't think i could (?) those quilts are just beautiful with the soft feminine colors.

    that's funny you have a phobia of tomatoes! lol

  4. i *love* this picture.. your dog has the kindest, sweetest face - no wonder your beautiful cat adores her x


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