Friday, 15 June 2012

An Armoire for my Quilts....

I have been looking for a small armoire or wardrobe to display my antique durham quilts in for some time. I finally found one a wee while ago on Ebay for £80 that was close enough to go pick up. Euan and I tweaked it of course.I forgot to take a photo of it before we started but this one is basically the same. Ours had 3 different sized panels in the door and the bottom drawer is not curved like this one.

I know its the fashion at the moment to paint furniture but I also love the look of old farmhouse pine. I think it comes from being around my parents stock as I was growing up and helping out in thier architectural salvage and furniture was all old pitch pine they dipped and stripped...I think its the smell and the soft feel of it after its been bri-waxed. So some of you will probably recoil in horror and think it looked better painted but not me!!! I can always paint it again one day if I change my mind................

We stripped the paint off, sanded it then gave it a coat of Bri-wax. Euan removed the panel inserts in the door, filled the gaps left in the frame and we attached some chicken wire to the back of the door. He made 3 shelves for me to put my quilts on, attached some drawer knobs to the bottom drawer and put some bun feet on the bottom. I am really pleased with it and I think it looks lovely in our living room. There is also still a bit more room in it for one or two more quilts as well.....I always keep an eye out for them.

Molly also loves it. She has a thing for armoires.


  1. I love your armoire! I think that it looks better in pine as you can see the quilts much better than if you'd painted it!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Hello!! I'm not sure how I found my way to your blog, but I'm so glad I did!! I've so enjoyed my visit, and look forward to getting to know you a bit better!!

    I LOVE the armoire and agree that it's lovely without paint, and even more so with your gorgeous quilts inside!! :-)

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. You did a beautiful job with the armoire and what a find on Ebay! XoXo


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