Saturday, 3 January 2015

An Attic Bedroom and the last few days of Christmas Magic.......

 Happy New Year!

Our visitors have departed, we are have eaten our way through too many boxes of chocolates and the pile of wine bottles in the recycling box is rather the house feels a little empty.
We had a really wonderful family Christmas here and there are just a few more days now to enjoy the decorations that made the house feel 'magical' this year.
Then they will be boxed up and put away for another year which is the bit I always hate.

We have almost finished the downstairs bathroom now which is just captured to the left off the hallway in this photo......I will write post all about that's transformation very soon.
Poor Euan was literally fitting the shower on Christmas Eve in between his night shifts, ahead of our visitors arrival! We really cut it very fine.

 An Attic Guest Room. 
This little attic bedroom was created in a bit of a hurry to accommodate our extra guests. Its turned out  nicely though and has gone from being a 'through room' to the attic beyond and the coldest room in the house to the cosiest!! 

 This is how it looked not that long ago!!..... weird 'carpeted' built in desks and a piece of MDF forming a door straight through to the attic beyond. The ceiling has been plastered too low so Euan who is 6'3 had to tilt his head when in there...... with no insulation in the walls or needed an outside coat on to be in here over the winter.

We put the roof up by 8 inches so Euan could at least stand in the middle!!!
We stuffed insulation in the walls, rewired it, re-routed the pipes so we could have a radiator in there, blocked up the door and put in an attic access ladder downstairs. 

Its a really cute wee room now and very warm which is a delight!!
I am looking forward to catching up with everyone's blogs and plans for  2015.
Here's to a peaceful new year......I would raise a glass if we hadn't drank all the wine.
Hayley and the muddy paw gang xxx


  1. Wow! What a transformation! I bet your guests loved sleeping in that little nook! Have you tried it out? Here's to a wonderful 2015!!

  2. it's all so very beautiful! You've done a great job! It's just my style and I love all of it! I'm sorry I didn't get a glass of wine with you lol!

  3. Oh Happy New Year! May you and your family have a happy, healthy and blessed year!!

  4. Hi Hayley! Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leave me a comment. It led me to you and your beautiful blog. Your muddy paw gang is precious!!! I love the picture of them on the sofa. What a riot! Your home is delightful and you and Evan have done a wonderful job on it. I am sure your guests are treated like royalty.

    Happy New Year. I look forward to reading more about you.

    ..from across the pond in not-so-sunny California.

  5. Hello Hayley
    What wonderful improvements you continue to make to your beautiful home :o)
    I came along to sincerely thank you for your very kind words and wishes, they are very comforting.
    Very best wishes
    Rose H


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