Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Dream Kitchen.

Believe me, I do know how lucky I am. Euan has done himself proud building us this gorgeous new kitchen. He has made the units, doors and drawers from beech and pine and we painted them in Farrow and Balls Dimnity,the insides varnished.
I suppose its very like our old kitchen in terms of style but then, you like what you like dont you??!
Its warm, light and friendly with all the essential elements of a modern country kitchen.

The Country Range Cooker - Our electric Redfyre is 5 years old now, it was a luxury purchase for our last house and there was no way we were leaving it behind! The beam came from an online reclamation yard, the brick slips from Ebay.
Clock from TK Maxx.
Silver Letters from Annie Mos- '&' given to me by my Mum and sprayed silver to match!

The Belfast Sink and Taps-Ebay.

Solid Oak Worktops- Ebay. The upstands are actually made from some oak going spare from new window sills being installed at my work that happened to be the right size.
Built in Dishwasher. Another Ebay buy.
The Dresser- The base bought on Gumtree and painted in Dimnity to match the kitchen units. The top with its glass doors and T&G back was made by Euan.

Retro Fridge/Freezer- Miles better than a SMEG by all accounts and bought online as a shop return because it has a dent in the side (saved quite a bit of money there)

Curtains and blind are from Next.
Ghastly bare bulb has been replaced with slick modern ceiling spotlights.
Doors replaced with period pine ones bought on Ebay and Gumtree.

I really wanted one of those gorgeous Neptune kitchens like below but we did not have the funds for that. Euans kitchen is a darn good copy though!  We were even able to source similar handles and knobs online.

I love this little wall unit he has made for all our baking bits and bobs.

Its not quite complete..............theres no skirting, a few things to be done here and there and we still have the Central Island to build. I hope we can get that done in the next few months .... the cost of the huge oak worktop has put it on pause for just now.......and we are tackling this area instead.

But the horrendous strange and unsafe spiral is gone and after 7 months climbing a ladder, we finally got some stairs in the new hallway.
Still a lot to do here but no more ladder!!!

All in all, this whole space that was once a freezing cold ugly kitchen with a skull cracking stone floor and falling-to-bits deathtrap spiral staircase in it, is a totally different space with a proper entrance hallway for the stairs.

Love to everyone xxxx


  1. Oh my, congratulations to you both on a truly splendid kitchen! It proves that you can have a wonderful kitchen by shopping carefully and having a Euan :o) To my mind it's far more personal to have your own hand-made one than the Neptune kitchen.
    The stairs are looking good too.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  2. Fab, fab, fab Hayley...what a great kitchen you and Euan have created. A girl after my own heart, canny with the pennies but an eye for quality. It just goes to show how you can create the look of an expensive kitchen on a budget.
    I can see a magazine shoot here x
    Julie x

  3. Your kitchen is so very pretty, what lovely place to cook in.

  4. Well done Hayley, your kitchen is coming very well,
    Your Euan knows how to use, it must have hands
    gold ..... not that you borrow it? I myself
    chores for him to do ... ihihih!
    I wish you a beautiful weekend (as I would be
    them in Scotland!)
    Love Suzy x

  5. Wow, what a great result. I actually think that your kitchen is much nicer than the Neptune kitchen and will probably last longer too! It must be so lovely to have an eat-in kitchen. eBay is great for finding bargains :)

  6. WOW.........Hayley!!!!!!!!! I do adore your kitchen's amazing! You and your husband have done an excellent work, it's so warm.

  7. Hi Hayley,
    What a beautiful space you have created, please may I borrow your husband !!
    I am soon to have my new kitchen fitted and I must admit that I have borrowed a couple of your fab ideas, your kitchen looks so warm and homely and inviting, I'm sure you'll enjoy spending time in there.
    Keep up the good work.
    Love from Jackie in Sheffield x

  8. Wow, wow, wow! That is the most beautiful kitchen and your husband is a star. Did I already say wow? :-) What a joy it will be to be able to cook there. Oh to sit at the table and enjoy a simple cup of tea..... Congratulations on a job well done.

    Hugs from Holland,

  9. Oh....... what a wonderful kitchen!
    I hope you have a good time in there:

    greatings from Germany,

  10. An amazing kitchen that I too could love.
    Would love to move right in with all my decor loving every inch of what your kitchen inspires.

    Beautiful weekend to you.

  11. I found your blog when I searched for "antique armoire quilt display", and I've added you to my favorites. I love the pictures of your staff, I'm sure they are very helpful :)

    I love your kitchen! Perfectly simple, just what you need and not a lot of "stuff". I'm trying to get to that, right now I have too much. And I love the big table right there in the center.

    Want to send my condolences for little Maggie. You gave her a good retirement and she made herself at home with the other guys, really sweet to see the pictures.

    thanks for making my day!

  12. You have my dream kitchen!!!! I love your originality! Just perfect and beautiful. Hats off to you two!


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