Saturday, 31 October 2009

Senior Cat Night

I couldnt help but giggle to myself when we arrived at 'Senior Cat Night' at our local Community Centre after receiving an invitation from our Vets to attend.It did sound pretty funny when I told my colleagues that I needed to get away early because I was attending a seminar on caring for elderly cats.....

It was mostly old ladies and one or two old men, then there was Euan and me but it was really nice to see how much people care about thier pets. One lady was spending £14 a week on prawns because they were the only thing that would disguise her cats pills.There was also some very helpful information on how we could better take care of Jonesy who is 16 years old at everyones best guess, so it was well worth goin!!

But I seriousy think I need to get out more..........

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