Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Westie named Elphie

With Maggies passing in April, there was a spot open at Drumhendry. .....and it has been filled by this wee pocket rocket...... (centre)

We have taken on a 1yr old West Highland Terrier whose previous owner knew they wernt really giving her the time and attention she deserved so asked us if we could give her a new home.
We have renamed her Elphie.....if you are a fan of Wicked you will get it! We have the CD on all the time, despite having not yet seen the musical tickets for 2015 though!
I have never had a terrier or a little dog of any sort before....I grew up with big dogs....Newfoundlands and German Shephards and am more of a big dog person but she is a sweetie.....very quiet, has scarcely made a sound in 2 months which is a relieve as I am not a fan of 'yappy.'
Elphie is very gentle, loves a snuggle, follows us around like a wee shadow and totally idolises Molly and Isla.

As far as our cats go, she has made friends with Darcy, formed a very unlikely alliance with Buzz but unfortunately she likes to chase Tabitha...who runs away and being a terrier, she just has to tear after her. We are working on that.

I have never seen a dog SO excited about her dinner- she literally jumps and spins round in the air with glee.
Euan is trying to get her swimming which is so funny...he lifts her in and her wee legs start paddling just before she hits the water. I dont think westies are really water babies but she wants to go in with Molly and Isla so much.

Its quite difficult to get a photo of her as she is on the move constantly..............a wee pocket rocket!!!
But for some reason she likes to jump up and sit on the dishwasher door if we leave it open!!

Have a great weekend everyone xxx